Where To Buy Fantasia E Hookah

With the click of a button, you can look up where to find e hookah pens. This may sound easier said than done. Sure, you can find e hookah pens through major search engines including Google and Bing. But how do you know the results that you are lead to are the best sites to buy e hookah pens? Additionally, how do you know if they carry the flavors and brands that you want?

HazyShop.com offers a large amount of e hookah pens including Fantasia! Fantasia e hookah is one of the most popular e hookah pens available today! Sure, they make look fancy, but I can guarantee you that how they look is not the reason why people buy their e hookah pens. They offer a variety of flavors that are very unique. If you have ever shopped for e hookah pens, you might have come across a lot of generic flavors including strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, and other fruit flavors. I’ve also seen some odd flavors including Red Bull. Really? A Red Bull flavored e hookah? Anyway, that is not the type of unique that we are referring to. For example, Fantasia offers Adios Mofo, which is actually a cocktail including Gin and Vodka! It’s a very very interesting flavor, they call it Citrus Curacao Fruit flavored. I’ve never even heard of curacao fruit! 

Okay so about Fantasia e hookah. The retail for $15.00 per pen, could be more depending on your retailer’s shipping policies and options. Why are they so expensive? you may ask. Well, each pen claims to hold up to 800 puffs. In the vape world, 800 puffs is a lot of puffs! E cigs usually come with 300 puffs, and most e hookah pens come with 500 puffs. So you’re getting a lot more from Fantasia e hookah. These pens also produce big vape clouds if that’s what you’re looking for. Though if you’re looking for a disposable pen that resembles actual hookah closely, the larger the vape clouds, the better. HazyShop.com offers Fantasia e hookah pens for up to 70% off the retail price. Especially when you choose to purchase their variety pack which includes multiple pens, that is when you really save a lot.

One moment though, just because the vape clouds are big and that it resembles actual hookah, this does not mean it is the same thing as actual hookah. There is no nicotine or chemicals in e hookah pens. They are completely safe. Nothing is being burned within the pen, and there is no tobacco. What happens within the pen is that when you inhale, an atomizer heats up turning the fruit juice within into fruit flavored water vapors. It’s a really cool technology and experience. 

We highly recommend that you use electronic hookahs if you must smoke hookah, this is a much safer alternative and it is cheaper as well. If you haven’t done your research on smoking actual hookahs, you should read up an article or two on it. Hookah smoking is as dangerous as cigarette smoking, as it is tobacco and produces a lot of carbon monoxide. E hookah pens on the other hand are completely safe to use.

Fantasia E Hookah  @ HazyShop.com



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