What is a vape pen and how does it work?

This is a question that many of us have asked, and some of us who use them still are not one hundred percent clear on how it works, the mechanics of it, etc… But before we go ahead and answer that question for you, why don’t we try to define what a vape pen even is.

When someone says vape pen, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it an electronic cigarette? An electronic hookah pen? A dry herb vaporizer? Wax or oil vaporizer? It could be any of these, since they all work the same way and can technically be called a vape pen. Even though they are all vape pens, each and every one of them serves a different purpose.

1. Electronic Cigarette: An e cig works similarly to an e hookah pen as it produces water vapors to cast an illusion of smoking. Like e hookah pens, they do not contain any tobacco and there is no carbon monoxide being produced. The major difference is that e cigs contain a nicotine cartridge. So you will be getting your dosage of nicotine from using an e cig. 

2. Electronic Hookah: E hookah pens, unlike e cigs, do not contain any nicotine and do not taste like cigarettes. E hookah pens generally are fruit flavored. So what’s the purpose for this pen? It’s designed to resemble smoking an actual hookah, though there is nothing that threatens your health from using e hookahs. It’s a just for fun product.

3. Dry Herb Vaporizer: These vaporizers are meant for smoking dry herbs. It usually consists of a battery, a tank, an atomizer,and a mouth piece. Basically, you put your weed or whatever you want into the tank, close it off, click a button and the atomizer is lighting the herbs up while you inhale from the mouth piece. Why do people use these? Well, for one it’s wind proof, being that everything is contained within a tank. It saves you money on blunt wraps, since you can reuse the vaporizer as many times as you like. It’s a much cleaner smoke, you’ll be smoking nothing but your herbs. That means no paper, no wrap, nada!

4. Wax/Oil Vaporizer: The wax or oil vaporizer is basically the same thing as a dry herb vaporizer except the tank is designed differently (to contain liquids). We use these to smoke oils and waxes. This is basically a rechargeable e hookah pen where you refill the pen with whatever you want.

Since our blog is about the e hookah, how does the e hookah work? Well, the e hookah works like this: 

It has a battery which powers the device, this is probably the heaviest and largest part of the pen. It is usually placed at the tip of the pen opposite of the mouth piece. There is an atomizer in there that heats up when you inhale. There is a cartridge which contains the fruit juice that you will be vaporizing. The mouth piece separates everything else within the pen to your mouth. Every time you inhale, the atomizer heats up the juice, creating the vapor that you inhale.


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